A Decade of Entertainment

Hollywood, California, life was sweet for this young photographer who stepped on the famous Hollywood Walk of Stars on April 7, 1980. Having moved from Denver, Colorado in pursuit of making my mark in photography after doing “training” in Fort Collins working for various publications and then moving back to Denver to expand my training photographing musical acts such as Santana, Gil Scott-Heron and photographing politicians for local magazines and newspapers. I was in my studio one day and something came over me telling me that I had to move. I remember waking up the next day and ordering my ticket to California while doing an assignment, it was then I felt the time was right for the move. I packed my bags and portfolio’s and made the trip. I wasn’t there more than a couple of days when I met up with a couple friends from Colorado State University, they showed me around since they both were leaving to go to Osaka, Japan, I took over the lease of their place, car and life began in Hollywood. I pounded the pavement for a week and met a wonder PR person that asked if I wanted to work, I responded ‘Yes” and she worked me hard. Shooting 2-3 assignments a day and all times of the night I shot entertainers for various publications and PR firms and Record Companies. I took on positions as staff photographer and photo editor for a couple of magazines and continued to shoot the ‘stars’. Sometimes in studio and sometimes I had only a few minutes with them on sets or locations to get the shot. I will say it was a fun time and one I truly feel blessed to have had the opportunity. Here is a small sample of those celebrities from sports, music, TV and movies that I photographed at various events from 1980’s – 1990’s. It was a very good decade to say the least.