Ugly Duckling Wines, Swan Valley

When I decided to concentrate my marketing toward the wine industry a small local vineyard came to the rescue. Ugly Duckling Wines, located at 7790 West Swan Valley Road, Swan Valley, Western Australia allowed me to come to their vineyard and photographed what I needed. The first day I went on location at 5.30 am to catch the beautiful light at sunrise (used an iPhone app to determine the direction of the light and time) and was pleased with how the grapes and leaves looked so rich in colour. Day two was a bit different as the the time was 10.00 am and the sunlight was harsher, I was able to capture the bottles and the background with some creative work. As a result, I was able to shoot the images seen here. If you are looking for good wine, do give them a try and tell them I sent you, the staff is friendly and the wine is excellent.

Images shot on location
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ISO 100 | f/2.5 – f/8 | 1/30 – 1/250 | 105mm f/1.4

Ugly Duckling’s Shiraz, Summer Duck White, Sparkling Rose and Chenin